Dragonlite Lighting Ltd 天龍照明有限公司

Dragonlite Lighting Ltd 天龍照明有限公司

Dragonlite Lighting Ltd 天龍照明有限公司


Dragon can offer a full package of lighting products to match the ceiling system and cladding for indoor and outdoor spaces. Lighting products are including downlights, spotlights, fluorescent fittings, exit sign box, weatherproof & flameproof fluorescent fittings, floodlights, highbays & lowbays, lanterns, bollards, inground uplights, step lights, road lights, optical fibres, wall/surface luminaries, LED lighting, etc. We can also produce & supply OEM brand and custom-made products/architecture design. Dragon light fittings long standing reliance on high technology ensures that will continue to invest heavily and upgrade the production machines to meet the stringent requirements of our clients and to increase productivity.

Materials & Products – Lighting

  • Lightings
  • Lightings, Architectural (Exterior & Interior)
  • Lightings, Fluorescent
  • Lighting Products
  • Lightings, Underwater
  • LED, Stretch Lightboxes
  • LED Lighting Products
  • Light Fitting Systems
  • Street & Sports Lightings
  • Lighting Diffusers

Materials & Products – Safety, Fire & Security

  • Emergency Lightings

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