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Acoustics Innovation Ltd 創新聲學有限公司


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Acoustics Innovation Limited (AI) focused on developing and providing acoustics product for construction noise. We attempt to solve acoustics problems using innovative ideas. We have invented the SilentUP® Retractable Noise Barrier for construction works that can be installed by people without any machines, SilentCUBE® Movable Noise Enclosure for roadworks that can be transported by van and easy to manoeuvre by 2 to 4 people, and Magnetic Tuned Mass Dampers that specializes in vibration dissipation of metal casing. We are passionate about delivering quality and reliable solutions with exceed the clients needed, and to establish long term business relationships.



SilentUP® Retractable Noise Barrier

SilentUP® is a patented retractable noise barrier for construction works and outdoor music events. It can be easily installed and mobilized by people without using any machines. No concrete foundation is required, and the installation process is quiet enough to be conducted even at night time. The panels are installed upwards from ground level and connected by magnetic gap sealing. SilentUP® retractable noise barrier have already been implemented up to 7m high in Hong Kong major construction site (Railway construction projects of MTRC, public housing construction of HKHA, roadworks of WSD).


SilentCUBE is a retractable noise enclosure for road works, which provides 18 dB(A) white noise insertion loss and is therefore suitable for Prescribed Construction Work (PCW). SilentCUBE of 2.5m(H)x2.5m(W)x2.5m(L) is robust and can be easily transported by a trolley and installed within 15 mins by 4 people. All components are <15kg and the overall weight is <100kg, hence it can be conveniently relocated. SilentCUBE can be connected to another SilentCUBE without gaps to extend enclosure length.

Magnetic Tuned Mass Dampers

Magnetic Tuned Mass Dampers (MTMD) excel in the performance of reducing vibration and thus noise propagation of construction machines and equipment, providing 2-3 dB(A) insertion loss. Typical usages are applied on hydraulic breakers and sheet piles. With a modular size of 50mmx100mmx80mm and weight of 3kg, MTMD is a lightweight structure that can be installed without any machines within very short time.



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