Innovative key management solution for private and public hospitals

ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions Hong Kong offers an innovative key management solution for private and public hospitals in Hong Kong, and Macau to control access to restricted medicines, machinery, and other essential equipment with Traka’s key management cabinet and system.

Traka extends the reach of your existing security system to ensure compliance. The system allows users to maintain quick, safe, and controlled access to vital keys and equipment through an internal IT network, which can be operated independently. Equipped with full audit capabilities, it can keep an audit trail of who accessed what and when.

Moreover, the electronic key cabinets, Traka Touch, use the latest Windows™ embedded-processing technology to control and define access restrictions to facility keys

for better security and theft prevention. Multi-level authorization is required to release critical keys. It can be from homes and hospitals to entertainment venues and retail spaces, ASSA ABLOY makes sure everyone, including both the able-bodied and the disabled, can move safely and smoothly throughout the city.

Key management solutions

  • Control and define access restrictions to facility keys and areas for better security and theft prevention
  • Require multi-level authorization to release critical keys
  • Report key usage, identify when keys are taken and returned, and by whom
  • Automatically alert when keys are not returned on time

Equipment management solutions

  • Manager and control the use of laptops, tablets, radios, tools, and specialized equipment
  • Secured items in our intelligent lockers and automatically distribute to authorized users
  • Choose who has access to money and other valuable assets

Should you have further inquiries or if you want more information about ASSA ABLOY Product Solutions and Services, please do not hesitate to contact us at 2260 0888 /

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