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Pak Yue Engineering Ltd. specializes in the application of a range of high-quality construction chemicals and finishes products including waterproof, concrete repair, flooring, industrial flooring, sealant and PU or epoxy grout injection etc. to meet with the requirements of our customers. Our professional service and technical know-how applicators in the ever-competitive construction market. Consequently our services have been widely employed by a large number of prominent developer, architects and contractors for various prestigious building projects in Hong Kong.


Waterproofing 防水

Roof Renovation 天面翻新

Concrete Repair

Industrial Floor

Building Services – Contractors

  • Green Roofing Contractors
  • Waterproofing Services

Green & Sustainability – Green Products & Services

  • Green Turf System
  • Green Wall System
  • Landscaping
  • Green Roof System

Materials & Products – Roofing

  • Green Roof System

Materials & Products – Flooring

  • Floor Coatings, Epoxy
  • Flooring, Anti-Slip
  • Flooring, Epoxy

Materials & Products – Landscape & Outdoors

  • Plants, Planters & Trees
  • Irrigation Systems

Materials & Products – Building Materials

  • Waterproofing Materials

Materials & Products – Architecture & Design

  • Landscaping

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