Patio Verde Décor Studio

Patio Verde Décor Studio


Patio Verde is a chill hub of bespoke, green and innovative furnishing products.

A relaxing, stylish studio to enhance creativity via brainstorming amongst different building professionals.

The nature of our products emphasize on uniqueness, individuality and sustainability.

We ‘re already looking towards the future and exploring how we can do even more to enrich quality of life and environmental conservation.


About MOSSwall®

 VERDE PROFILO MOSSwall®, handmade in Italy, is created from a natural lichen from sustainable sources.  Preserved with a 100% ecological technique, the lichen is stabilised and undergoes anti-static treatment to avoid the capture of dust.  MOSSwall requires no maintenance and is fully guaranteed for 5 years. It is the ultimate synergy of nature and design, certified for fire, acoustic and antibacterial control. Available in 23 colours, MOSSwall can be utilised for corporate branding, unique interior design, sound control, light solutions, furniture, or simply to bring nature indoors, there really is no limit as to what can be designed from MOSSwall.

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