ARpha Ltd 弘宇資源有限公司

ARpha Ltd 弘宇資源有限公司


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ARpha Ltd. is an architectural and interior design resource supplier and manufacturer. From high-quality tiles and mosaic to premium Italian wood flooring and customized decorative lighting, we offer an extensive collection of high quality and bespoke products for versatile applications, both interior andexterior.

Materials & Products – Building Materials

  • Building Boards & Panels
  • Claddings, Acoustic
  • Mosaic Tiles
  • Tiles & Tiling
  • Tiles, Cement
  • Tiles, Glass

Materials & Products – Ceiling & Walls

  • Wall Coverings
  • Wall Tiles
  • Wall Panels

Materials & Products – Flooring

  • Floorings
  • Floorings, Engineering
  • Tiles
  • Floorings, Wooden

Materials & Products – Interior Design Materials

  • Wallpaper, Decorative Prints & Features



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