Architectural Acoustics Ltd 建築聲學有限公司

Architectural Acoustics Ltd 建築聲學有限公司

Architectural Acoustics Ltd 建築聲學有限公司



Architectural Acoustics “AA” Hong Kong was established in early 1992. The Beijing office, Shanghai office, Guangzhou office and Jiangmen production plant were set up sho afterwards, creating a strong team of both experienced sales representatives and knowledgeable engineers equipped to meet market demands. Engineers and sales representatives are well trained in tackling the mechanical and technical issues acoustic products may face. Our Hong Kong office continues to serve as an influential sales b to local and far eastern markets.

Besides acoustic expertise, “AA” has been able to diversify services with the development of areas such as specialist contracting and structural engineering. Our design team boasts a variety of specialist qualifications, utilizing advanced technologies to give clients the best outcomes. For example, adapting advanced computer modelling to give intelligent presentations in 3D CAD.

By providing clients with custom-made proposals and excellent technical support, “AA” is determined to explore novel channels through which our noise and control products be introduced into mainland Chinese projects. We value marketing products, but more importantly we value improving their efficacy through continuous research and experimentation.

Engineering Team

“AA” has a wealth of experience in the architectural, commercial, transport (railway), residential, and entertainment (cinema) fields. With our professionalism, we strive to prov the most cost effective and practical solution for every individual. In addition, we are pleased to offer ‘design and build’ and material provision schemes to meet more of our
clients’ needs. We are proud of our highly flexible organization structure and our elite design teams. No doubt, products supplied by “AA” are able to satisfy the broadest demands in acoustics.

Five Regional Business Base “AA” has total 5 offices to cover current businesses in China, Hong Kong and Overseas. Hong Kong office act as headquarter and serve as an influential sales base to local a far eastern markets. The Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou offices were established to deliver projects in Northern, Eastern and Southern China these three areas, where ma resources have been allocated. Jiangmen production plant has a solid team of knowledgeable engineers and industrial engineer to provide product development and mass production.

Product Research and Development

Product design and installation are carefully explained and demonstrated to ensure optimal performance. Product development and production take place primarily at our elimination and vibration control

Architectural Acoustics Testing Centre

In response to market demand, the Architectural Acoustics Testing Centre was set up in Jiangmen in 2008. It complies with the latest ISO-140 standard and is an accredited laboratory, a “one stop station” where all sorts of experiments can be conducted on acoustic products. The centre includes a 210cu.m reverberant chamber and a 150cu.m acoustic chamber, to carry out experiments on sound absorption, diffusion and insulation.




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